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Your pet’s health is important.  That is why our food, treats and toys are selected to optimize health and happiness.  Our selection of pet supplies and  bedding items help make home and hearth purrfectly wonderful.  Don’t forget those health products necessary for caring for your furry friend!  Shots, Brushes, Shampoo and much, much more.  Learn More Here



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Organic Feed?  You bet!  Chicken Layer, Grower and Oyster Shell? YES!  Pig Starter/Finisher – Of Course! Horse, Cows aren’t forgotten either.  Shop for quality, quantity and savings.  We’re here to help you maximize your efforts & minimize your cost.  Learn More.




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We appreciate customers shopping local.  Some of the incredible products available here in North Idaho are produced by folks who look to save on costs by offering things through our store front.  We support them and invite you to check out what they have to offer here.