5 Common Misconceptions About Giving Dogs Bone Broth

5 Common Misconceptions About Giving Dogs Bone Broth

by Dina Fantegrossi


With so many conflicting opinions about canine nutrition, it can be stressful to consider adding something new to your dog’s diet.

Bone broth is a vitamin, nutrient and amino acid-packed supplement made entirely from natural ingredients that offers several important benefits for your dog’s health.

Here are five common misconceptions that may be preventing you from giving this superfood a try – and why each one is completely unfounded!

1. Bone Broth is just another fad.

Bone broth seems to be everywhere lately, with claims of health benefits ranging from improved digestion and weight loss, to arthritis relief and healthy skin. It may seem like just the latest in a long line of health trends, but bone broth is actually an ancient superfood with a history dating back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors. If our dogs’ descendants could have boiled water, chances are they would have brewed up this nutrition packed potion, themselves!

2. Bone Broth can’t have that much nutritional value.

It may seem farfetched that a simple stock brewed from the parts of animals we typically throw away could be so healthy for our dogs. Each cup of bone broth contains about as much protein as a large egg, a chicken wing or two slices of bacon. It is also packed with collagen, glycine, glucosamine, amino acids and several vitamins and minerals. Not bad for a cup of broth!

3. “Soup” can’t possibly ease arthritis pain.

You may have heard that bone broth is a natural source of glucosamine, a nutrient frequently used to reduce joint pain, but it offers another important benefit for dogs suffering from arthritis. Collagen nourishes the skeletal system and is essential for rebuilding bone that is constantly lost due to aging and normal wear-and-tear. In this way, bone broth for dogs not only helps ease existing arthritis pain, it can also slow its progression.

4. Picky dogs won’t eat it.

You know the type. No matter what treat, topping or technique you try, these pups simply will not touch something new! One of the greatest benefits of bone broth is that it is naturally delicious meat gravy that dogs can have as a separate snack or eat over their favorite food! Unless your picky pup is a vegetarian, chances are he or she will eat it!

5. Bone Broth will upset sensitive dogs’ bellies.

While you should always consult your vet before making diet changes – especially when there are digestive troubles involved – bone broth tends to be safe and beneficial for dogs with delicate tummies. It is one of the mildest foods you can give to your pup as it comes from one of the most basic of dog foods – bones, and contains nothing extra.

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