Where’s Caleb – Week ONE – Clue THREE (and a summary of all clues)

Bonners Ferry – Clue 3 This is the last in a series of three

Finding Caleb – Where is He?

You can’t buy this- You can use it

It can help you solve garden abusives.

Sandpoint – Clue 3 Big or Little, how does this sound

Size can be told if this is found

IF you figure this one out –

You’ve found Caleb – Give us a shout!

Clue 1 – Bonners Ferry:

Check it out- See for yourself – Where is Caleb? Not on a shelf

Not in a bucket, not in a can -You’ll find him where it’s good to scan

To gather info, find out more – This answers questions in our store

Bonners Ferry – Clue 2

When gardens don’t grow, you may need this – Find your answers so you don’t miss

Finding Caleb is your quest – Use these clues to do your best

Clue 1 – Sandpoint:

Searching for Caleb? This I can tell – He’s hiding near something NOT for sale

It could be heavy, it could be lite – We’ll let you know if you get it right.

Sandpoint – Clue 2

This is weighing heavy on our minds – It’s important for you, Caleb to find.

He’s not in a box, or making cash flow – If you’re on it, numbers show





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