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.... and to provide dependable products, customer education and reliable personal service in a way that serves the community so that the general population is enriched and the business is profitable.


Carter Country Farm and Feed is a retail store in Sandpoint, Idaho providing feed for all farm animals, pets, wild animals and birds, plus animal health products, pet supplies, and fencing. The store is a Purina dealership (There has been a successful Purina dealership in Sandpoint for 50 years) then on Sept. 14, 1999, the Sandpoint dealership became incorporated as Carter Country  Farm and Feed, located in a 4000 sq.. ft. building on Hwy. #2 on the southwest side of Sandpoint (on the corner of Olive Ave.) The business specializes in personalized customer service and customer education, with store hours on Mon. - Fri. 8 - 6, Saturday, 8:30 - 4:00. 

In June, 2014 a 2nd location was opened in Bonners Ferry. Currently the 2 stores have 10 employees , counting the owner. 

Carter Country offers educational seminars plus a large selection of books and training materials. 

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(A Constitution For The Company}


Our mission is: “Passionate About Animals and Their People.” Animals are the core reason we exist and helping their people take care of them is fundamental.

The goal of Carter country Farm and Feed is to meet the needs of the  animal owners, wild-animal lovers and gardeners in the Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry, Idaho area....

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We hope that with every shopping experience you will get that GREAT Carter Country feeling!  ... Shucks, shopping at Carter Country is like shooting at the ground.... Ya can’t miss!
You Know It!
Hi - I’m Charlie Carter
1) We are new here ~ every day is a new beginning, a new set of challenges, a chance to reinvent ourselves.
Let me tell you about
Our Philosophy...
6) We Will never stop asking why? or why not?~ Nothing can be sacred here, except for our mission
9) We Will  never be finished ~
More Up-front parking...
5) We Will listen; We will invent; we will simplify ~ our customers can make us better if we let them, but we must first understand them.
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2) We will be fair ~ every one will be treated equally here.

3) We Will constantly LEARN ~ every experience we have will make us wiser and better at what we do.

4) We Will change and adapt and dwell in the present and the future ~ We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.

7) We Will  tell the truth ~ We can’t succeed without the trust of our customers.

8) We aren’t conquerers, we      are pioneers.  We are not here to destroy; we are here to create  ~ We have competitors, not enemies. We came here to offer people a choice

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10) We try to apply Biblical principles in every decision


$$ Money is tight for all, so.....

Farm Feed prices have all been reduced by 5%....