Memory Lane....

Charlie & Lottie, Mid 80’s Spring Break in Galveston
Charlie, REL.. I think this was in Photo Journalism class. — with Charlie L Carter in Tyler, TX.

This was actually in North Carolina on Charlie's 19 Birthday! WOW... look how skinny he was.. and that tie!! LOL — with Charlie L Carter in Asheville, NC.

Can you believe those tight leather pants?

The Carter gang 1970!! — with Charlie Carter, Lisa Ellsworth, Lottie Cantu, Elizabeth Carter Ellsworth and Lottie Carter Cantu.
— with Charlie L Carter and Bryan Reed in Weaverville, NC. , 2009

Charlie's booth at fair — with Charlie L Carter and carter country farm & feed at Bonner County Fair., 2011

Lottie’s graduation from REL, 1982 — with Charlie L Carter at Robert E. Lee High School. Charlie cleans up really good!

Charlie, Cara, Keith and Lottie 1981 — with Charlie L Carter, Cara Chenault and keith Green at Robert E. Lee High School.
Everyone at the table in our cabin in Weaverville in 2009 — with Nico Cantu, Elizabeth Carter Ellsworth, Erin Ellsworth, Charlie L Carter, Hannah Cantu, David Cantu and Chuck Carter in Weaverville, NC.

Nico and me with all our Cowboys swag 2008!! — with Nico Cantu at AT&T Stadium.

Me with Miles Austin 2008! — at AT&T Stadium.

Nico and me with Chris Canty, 2008! — with Nico Cantu at AT&T Stadium.

Me with Jason Witten at the team hotel in Dallas before the game, 2008!!

Me and my buddy Darell Collins at Asheville High in 1982.

Charlie and Lisa in 1965 - probably some time in July.

Charlie in 1976 - Check out those plaid bell-bottoms!

Lisa’s Sweet 16. Charlie and Dad in Leisure suits, 1976. — with Lottie Carter Cantu, Charlie L Carter, Chuck Carter and Carter Peggy at Visit Lauderdale.
Charlie at 18
Charlie is WITH the band! On the road in the 80s. Lisa was the lead singer!

Don’t get the wrong idea.... this is Mike Slockett’s baby  (early 90s) How do you like Charlie’s goatee?

Charlie played Tackle for the Margate FL “Blue Devils”

Dad , Lisa , Hannah , and Charlie with King George at Ren Fest in Houston — with Elizabeth Carter Ellsworth, Hannah Cantu and Dad.
Here’s one from 1984.... on the road with the “Hollywood Brats” band. Eric Turner was their “Sound Man” and Charlie was the “Light Man”. Charlie and Eric have worked together as the “technical crew” for touring stars such as Crystal Gail, Charlie Daniels, and others.