Our Approach

Helping our young people become successful, confident community members through support of 4H and FFA. If your organization or efforts focus on this approach – we’d love to hear from you so we can consider ways to support your efforts.

Any young person needing something we carry for FFA and/or 4H projects will receive 10% off supplies for their project. Any 4H or FFA event will be proudly supported through this site, our social media sites and in store advertising.  If there is something else we can do – please reach out and let’s chat.

Our Story

Our story begins on September 14, 1999 in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Quality Farm & Garden had had a store there for 7 years.  My Grandfather had a feed store, I grew up with dogs, chickens, rabbits and all sorts of animals.  I was looking for something that allowed me to draw from that experience.  We saw an opportunity to continue to support the Farm & Garden needs of the community when Quality wanted to sell.

A funny story from our first days open:  So this guy comes in and looks at me, puts his head back looks around the store, looks back at me and says in a very loud voice “Where’s Daryl?”  Well, I said, I’m the new owner, my name is Charlie.   He stares back at the store surroundings, looks back at me, throws his shoulder back and says well I’ll be gol darned (amended) we got us a Sasquatch!

All joking aside  –  I take great pride in our stores and am deeply appreciative of our customers, employees and community organizations that support us.   We look forward to meeting you in either our Bonners Ferry or Sandpoint stores.  “You Know It!”